If you know me, you know that NO ONE will ever be able to love my high school as much as I did. I was literally so school involved – Student Council, Leadership, Peer Tutoring, Yearbook, Announcements Anchor, Link Crew – you name it. My level of school spirit was through the roof and then some; I was there on the sidelines of every football game and almost always planning or hosting major school events.

Senior Sunset 2016 with Isabelle (obviously planned by yours truly)

I knew that moving on from high school was going to be a big step; it was something that I admittedly was not fully looking forward to, but something I knew had to be done sooner than later. The plummet my attitude took towards school was unreal.

GROUP PROJECTS: assignments where you got to work on together with all your friends was always a good time. Now, I literally cringe every time I hear the word “group” in class; it really is every post-secondary student’s worst nightmare, especially when you barely know anyone in the class.

that one time my friends and I VOLUNTARILY took on a group project to make posters for my beloved announcements Twitter handle, ROCHdaily


SCHOOL SPIRIT: sorry, what’s that? Once a St. Roch Raven, always a St. Roch Raven, that was my extent. I don’t even know what my university’s mascot’s name is supposed to be.

Don’t mind the messy nails

SQUAD GOALS: personally, I have somehow been blessed with a great group of friends in university – something I wasn’t expecting to happen at all. For the most part, in high school you get used to knowing every single person but in post-secondary you have to do a double take when someone says their in your class. Are you sure you’re in that Thursday 10am class? Because I’ve never seen you in my life…

Love from, your 2016 Senior St. Roch Student Council xo

RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR PROFS: in high school, I was legitimately best friends with like every teacher. It got to the point where when I got my license, they would pull me out of class (sometimes with me driving their cars) to go to Tim Hortons for them. Now, I’m lucky if my prof even remembers my name.

A Twitter bet I made with Mr. Walker in grade 10 – I got 300 retweets in 2 hours and everyone’s marks went up 2%

SPORTING EVENTS: I ran lines for the football team at every game, screaming so hard from the sidelines that I had to tell MYSELF to shut up sometimes. But my university doesn’t even have a football team – all we get is Humber’s basketball team and I literally have not been to one game. Humber’s gym is literally a trek from the Guelph-Humber campus.

The day of our 2015 home opener with Antwan & Mariano #ROCHWILLWIN

SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT: take on 4 clubs, 2 teams and do community involvement in high school? Bring it on. Keep going to my media society meetings after the fourth week in university? About that…

Your favourite 2016 Girls Night leaders!

HOMEWORK: in high school when I had an assignment due, I would finish that the same week it got assigned, even if it wasn’t due for another month. Procrastination was not in my vocabulary. Now, we lose track of due dates and accidentally hand assignments in two days late (that is, if we even actually did it).

Me being a total scholar and showing off my high school diploma

AWARDS: in high school, if you put in the work and were highly school involved, it was so easy to win some type of award by the end of your four years. Now, no one knows me well enough for me to even be considered for whatever type of awards they have here.

Athletic Banquet 2016 – I got the Community Involvement Award! (spending my fourth period spare at school everyday really paid off)

Anyways, I guess every good thing’s got to come to an end. The good thing is that I’ve still got friends who are really the only reason I actually still come to school.


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