With prom season upon us, I know all you senior kids are worried but excited about what you can expect on your big night. Let me tell you before you get your hopes up – sure, it’ll be fun for most people, but don’t expect it to be like High School Musical (I know, I was disappointed at my prom when it wasn’t like that).


Outfit: Personally, I found my prom dress months in advance and only spent $100 on it, which was quite impressive. Compared to some other girls who spent $200-400 just on the dress itself, I was proud of myself.

Cute candid pic of Daniela and I (or was it really candid?) | Taken by: Vashti Darko

Promposals: remember boys and girls – having a prom date is not a necessity, BUT if you are planning to ask someone, you don’t need to go all out (unless you want to). Something simple, sweet and relatable to the person’s personality will work. Hit me up if you need a promposal poster made; I made everyone’s in high school.

One of the best promposals at our school – Chevy asking Sydney! | Taken by: Nicole Villamor

Prom Pictures: unless you hire a professional photographer, (which most people didn’t       want to spend money on) you’re going to have to pull some serious iPhone photography skills in your local park with a bunch of your classmates.

Photo taken by FedsPhotos of Isabelle taking a picture of Brooklyn and I… pic-ception?

Planning a Limo: this part always seems hard, but if you put someone reliable in charge of executing the whole plan, things seem to work pretty seamlessly. Shoutout to Jeff who planned our school’s party bus.

The inside of our crazy party bus | Taken by: Camryn Kern

Seating Arrangement: if your prom committee lets you pick seats in advance, DO IT. Nothing is going to suck more than getting there and having to sit with people you’re not super close with.

Getting Your Makeup/Hair Done: if you’re getting something professionally done, BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE. Waiting until the last minute – actually, even the last month – will leave you with very limited options because everywhere is going to be fully booked.

How did my makeup start to sweat off 12 minutes after I walked into the venue? You tell me.

The Big Night: not to discourage you but trust me, do not get your hopes up. High expectations are going to be the worst if your prom ends up being mediocre like mine did. Keep an open mind and be ready for all possible outcomes. Remember, the main goal is to just have fun and dance the night away.


Yes, our theme was really “Welcome to Mexico”.. long story short, this was my grade’s punishment for not buying enough Semi Formal tickets in grade 11. It’s better if you don’t ask.

After-Prom: whether you end up at a huge party, at home eating Cheetos, driving around or at home crying because you can’t go to the annual Wasaga after-prom trip the next day (like me), just remember that prom night isn’t the end all or be all of your life.

Next big event coming up – your wedding! (just kidding… but for real, someone throw a fancy event so I can wear my prom dress again, please?)





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