If you’ve paid attention to this whole S-Trip! fiasco on CBC, you may have read this expose that was published trashing the travel agency and telling the world about the lack of supervision on the trip. I’ll admit, the article wasn’t completely wrong — sure, there were many people who drank, but listen: the legal drinking age in Cuba is 18 and most of us were already 18, so what did they expect was going to happen? I’m here to vouch on behalf of the best travel agency I’ve worked with.

Perks of being an S-Trip organizer: more pretty bands that I never wanted to take off

Grad trip is all about having the time of your life to celebrate the fact that you just successfully made it through four whole years of (treacherous for most) high school. It is guaranteed that everyone is going to be reckless and crazy but for a mindset like that, the people I went with were all very sensible, responsible and respectful. Just because the group that was covered by CBC was a bunch of rowdy teenagers DOESN’T mean that the rest of us should be labelled that way!

Pool Day in Cuba (July 7, 2016) | Taken by: James Ragudo, Tryp Cayo Coco photographer

Thanks to S-Trip!, I had the absolute best week of my life — a week that made me so happy that I genuinely think it is impossible for me to ever feel that content with my life again. I made friendships that will last me a lifetime and experiences that have truly shaped me as a person. I realized how much more exciting my life can be when I stop being so up-tight. I loved having late night talks on the beach with my friends, having burgers at 10am and running around every morning looking for my friends because we couldn’t use our phones. Having that detachment from social media made me so much more appreciative of my surroundings — it made me feel like I was in another world, a feeling that was achieved just within a week. 

Graffiti Night | Our very first night on S-Trip when we ran around signing each other’s shirts and making new friends

I will always support S-Trip! because they gave me the time of my life, but if you want to listen to CBC and hold your child back from having the best week ever… that’s on you.   


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